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Hoarding Program Multi-Level Dwelling

Hoarding Program Multi-Level Dwelling


This program only applies to customers who need “Heavy-Duty Hoarding Labors”, including our standard Clean-up services for a “multilevel dwelling or large home”.


1. Recieve your bag or tag consultation and Instructions by our Rep.


2. Follow our step-by-step simple guide to assist your rep during walkthrough.


3. Dumpster and Crew arrives the next day.


4. Crew removes garbage by performing the step-by-step guided program.


5. Rep goes over all the steps with customer that removed clutter on final day of service.


(This service can last up to 30 days to clear and clean severe hoarding circumstances on multiple levels. Please allow this allotted time for our crew to do their job.)


Payment plans are available for this service, call (646) 222 - 6340.

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