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Welcome Employers

If you own a business and have employee work Space to maintain then you will be happy to assist you.

Commercial workspaces need to be clean and upkept. 

For businesses we maintain restaurant kitchen & eatery's deep cleanings, restrooms, workspaces, hallways and public lounge areas. Recurring maintenance keeps the areas vacuumed, mopped, shined with all surface areas continuously sanitized. Trash and recyclables will be removed during each cleaning.

Small business employers can enjoy having the freedom to book cleaning service directly after speaking to a representative or after an in-person consultation. Choices are scheduled and set for daily, bi-weekly, multi-weekly or one-off cleanings.

(Certain offers do not apply to hotels, hospitals or large companies that require maintenance services at a high capacity). For more help with large business needs, ask your representative about our bundle packages for employers.

Restaurant Maintenance & Janitorial Specialty Service

Our accustomed specialty is only provided to your business when our staff is on site. Tell your representative during your consultation if your business needs a special service. 

Sites that require more than 4 janitors for maintenance work and garbage removal may not be available. 

To make the best choice for your business, contact customer care at (551) 229-5858, we will be happy to assist you. A non-refundable fee is collected for all consultations.

Don't delay! Reserve now, due to high demand for this service cleaning crews requires scheduled appointments and open availability.

Premium Business Services

Supreme Hotel Hospitality, Maintenance & Janitorial Service

Hotels require our scheduled housekeeping and regular cleanings.

48 -75 Hotel Units and Medical Hospitals are considered large facilities.

We are the Pros!

To maintain our valued high-end services and protect the privacy of our clients, all information on this website is owned by JW Maintenance Clean-Up Services. For business owners "Our Videos and/or Photos" are taken by our On-Site Reps. They help to ensure all your needs were met and full services were provided.

To safeguarded the privacy of our clientele photos shown; shall not be shared with third parties. Any claims or use of our personal media is prohibited. Outside entities using our images will be prosecuted to full extent of law. 

We are the best in the business!

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