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Senior Citizen Service

Ask about our senior citizen discount

We care for the elderly citizens by making it easy for them. Choose from available low flat rates or apply this 10% discount when selecting residential services.

Discounts are always made available to senior citizens or for people with disabilities. 

Take the burden off of family members and keep your loved ones comfy and cozy in a beautiful clean home. Let us melt away the stress by simply giving us a call.

Requesting your senior flat rate offer today by phone. Your 10% discounts will be applied to all who are approved. To receive the premium discount a coupon code is required.

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For more information select "Flat Rate Premium Services" on the menu tab. 

As a new feature, we now offer our wonderland cleaning service package for an affordable low flat rate price. You can lock in one of our flat rate minimum offers when choosing a wonderland cleaning service.

This is one of our premium services which is usually more expensive but due to our fantastic skills on job site we have created ways to provide this luxury service available to everyone for affordable prices.

Choosing this option, guarantees you will be wonderfully over joyed with your cleaning service purchase. You will feel so happy with your new clean-up that it will feel like a new refreshing wonderland, hence the term wonderland cleaning service.

(For more detailed information about this service be sure to visit premium services on top of this page).

Call now to book your flat rate deal!!!


5% Cleaning Service Discount

To help the average person, family and small business 

owner afford high-end cleaning services we sometimes

offer special promotional discounts for everyone. This coupon can be 

applied to all premium services.

(Promo Coupons may change at any time. Not valid with other promotional offers)

Flat Rate Emergency Services -or-

Heavy Duty 2 Man Crew Clean Up

Prices starting at $1700 (emergency assistance is based upon our


Here and there you have a heavy duty clean up task that requires a lot of work. For example, you need quick, reliable clean-up job done and it just might take you all day and night to clean but you don't want to be bothered with all that work.

No worries! You don't have to do it, in case of emergency for further assistance just give us a call. Book today!

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